Youthmuse Book Review

As a new author I have discovered how important it is to get book reviews. The dilemna is finding individuals who are willing to read and then post a book review on their blog or website.  I was lucky enough to find such an individual and her name is Dana Jackson. She teaches elementary school in Oregon. Dana’s website is Youthmuse and she was kind enough to post on her website a review for my first two books, “Tired of My Bath” and “Tired of School.”

It was great to pull up Youthmuse and see my two books starring back at me. Dana gave them a thumbs-up and said they were fun to read and emotionally spot-on. Youthmuse was Dana’s vision for a website that would be an outlet for exceptional books, games, and sometimes real life experiences, which in turn would become a source of inspiration for children.

I’m glad I found this website and hope you will check it out as well.