Favorite #34: Walkertown Elementary School

Walkertown Elementary Reading Event

Walkertown Elementary Reading Event

Reading Day at Walkertown Elementary School

Walkertown Elementary School is a beautiful school that welcomes parents, visitors and community members to come inside and see what exciting things are taking place. One of those exciting things happened just a few weeks ago.

March 7th was the day Walkertown Elementary School hosted its first annual, “Walkertown, Let’s Read to Make a Difference Day.” Even the Mayor proclaimed the day as an annual event, encouraging the community to get involved with supporting the school and students in their pursuit of becoming life-long readers.

As a children’s author, I was excited when Ms. Barbara Cohen, the principal of Walkertown Elementary School, invited me to be a part of the day’s activities. As you can see in the photo, the children were well-behaved, listening and participating at appropriate times as I read my children’s books. They seemed to especially enjoy the newest book, “Tired of Being a Bully.”

Ms. Cohen said she was happy with all the support that was received from community businesses, churches and other organizations. The schedule was filled throughout the day with various individuals who came not only to read, but to share their ideas of why reading is important. From all accounts, and from the smiles on children’s faces, it was a successful day enjoyed by all.

To produce graduates ready for the 21st century, as demonstrated by the philosophy of the administration and staff of Walkertown Elementary School, it’s going to take not only the efforts of parents, teachers and students, but the community as well. It’s encouraging to see educators open to new and different ideas such as reading day, but it’s even more encouraging when leaders of that community support those ideas.

Congratulations, Walkertown Elementary School! For your organization and willingness to let others be a part of your educational process, you are my favorite school of the week.

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Favorite #25: New Author

A Boy's Best Friend

A Boy’s Best Friend

New Author: Garrett White

            As an author, it’s always exciting to see someone publish for the first time. Those who have published before know the hardest part of the process isn’t the writing, but the rewriting, the editing and the waiting.

            Recently, Garrett White, a student I had in elementary music class published his first children’s book.  Now in his early twenties, Garrett has been passionate about writing for many years.

            This passion began when Garrett told the elementary school librarian he was concerned about the lack of books for boys. He said there were a lot of books for girls, but not many for boys on “boy stuff.” The librarian, pondering for a minute, said, “Well, Garrett, why don’t you write a book for boys?” Taking the librarian up on her challenge, Garrett decided he would do just that and so began his journey as a writer.

            Before that day, if someone had asked Garrett what he loved, he would have said hunting and his dog, Buster. Even before kindergarten, it wasn’t unusual for him to be out hunting with his dad. When it came time to write in his journal at school, Garrett naturally wrote about these experiences.

            His high school teachers and later college professors began to take notice of his talent for writing, encouraging him to publish. This past year, Garrett did just that. His book, A Boy’s Best Friend is a story about his first beagle, Buster Junior Christmas. The story showcases a love of the outdoors, inspiring others to love it, too.

             Although Garrett’s challenge originally was to write a book for boys about “boy stuff,” girls will enjoy this story as well. After all, who doesn’t like a good book about a boy and his dog?

            Congratulations, Garrett.  You are my favorite person of the week not only because of your passion for writing, but also because of your commitment to a challenge that began so many years ago.

            If you would like to read more about Garrett and his book, A Boy’s Best Friend,  check out the following Salisbury Post link:


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Reading at Bostian Elementary School

I was asked by the AIG teacher at Bostian Elementary School to be the speaker for the Author Extravaganza on December 19. It was an exciting day and the energy level was high, not only for me, but the student presenters as well. The students had researched various authors and did projects relating to the one they chose. These projects were displayed in the library.

The presentation was at 10:15 with about 40 parents in attendance along with fifth grade classes. The AIG students presented a skit about literacy which was not only informative, but funny. The skit included points such as writing about something you know and organizing your thoughts.

 I shared my children’s books, Tired of My Bath and Tired of School, explaining this series came about because as a teacher I often heard children complain about being tired of something. I explained my new book, Tired of Being Different, should be out in early 2012. This book has new characters as well as a more complex storyline,which in the end reveals being different is okay.

The students, teachers, and parents at Bostian Elementary School were a wonderful audience. Thank you Ms Rymer for inviting me. You have an awesome program.