Reading at China Grove Elementary School

The media specialist at China Grove Elementary School, Ms Litke, invited me to speak to  the kindergarten through fifth grade students on April 25th for National Poetry Month. The presentations took place in the media center where I shared with the students tools I’ve learned in writing poetry. I explained how the five senses can be used in writing to develop the subject or setting. This style is called showing, not telling.

Talking to students


In addition to poetry, I had the opportunity to talk about character development using my three books, Tired of My Bath, Tired of School, and Tired of Being Different as examples. Starting with a simple idea and only three characters in my first book, Tired of My Bath, more characters were added each time to make the storyline more complex. Students were quick to offer titles for the next book, but the one suggestion I heard most often was Tired of My Homework. Teachers laughed at that one.

I enjoyed my day at China Grove and hope when it comes to writing, students will remember these words: Practice! Practice! Practice!

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