Family Night and Career Day

I enjoyed meeting not only students, but parents as well at two recent events. Those two events were Family Night at Cleveland Elementary School and Career Day at Woodleaf Elementary School.  What made these events special for me is that I taught at both of these schools.

For Family Night at Cleveland, the PTA sponsored an all you can eat pizza supper. After about forty-five minutes of eating and socializing, everyone went into the auditorium where I read and shared my books, Tired of My Bath, Tired of School, and Tired of Being Different. The auditorium had been my classroom for about fifteen years at Cleveland because I taught music there, so I had quite a few memories whirling around in my head. The questions and comments afterwards were great with one second grade student giving me an idea for my next book.

Career Day at Woodleaf also gave me a chance to read and share my books to more K-5th grade students. Hopefully, some were inspired to write and perhaps even become an author someday. I enjoyed meeting other professionals at Career Day, including a musician, lawyer, fireman, and electrician. The last event for the day was a helicopter landing on the ballfield for all to inspect.

I’m glad I could be a part of these two events and appreciate the hard work and effort that it took to organize and plan for them. Thank you for inviting me.