Favorite #157: 2015 Little League World Series Champions

Enjoying the moment as Little League Softball World Champions.

The RoCo team from Salisbury, NC, celebrating  as 2015 Little League World Series Champions.

Champions Both On and Off the Field

Salisbury, NC, was put on the national stage this summer by a group of talented young girls who won the Little League Softball World Series in Portland, Oregon. Once the team arrived in Portland, not only did they make a statement on the field, but off as well, showing love and compassion by taking up money to purchase book bags for a team from Uganda whose luggage was lost in flight. With so much excitement back home, even the elderly admitted staying up past bedtime to watch the final two games on ESPN.

Although the team from Salisbury known as RoCo (Salisbury’s in Rowan County) was not given much of a chance to win, heart and determination changed the outcome of that prediction. Honored with parades, banners, newspaper articles and recognition after arriving home the girls were proud how they brought the local community together. Even leaders and officials such as Greg Edds, chairman of the Board of Commissioners, commended the team. Some said this was the greatest accomplishment Salisbury (Rowan County) had ever seen.

I had the opportunity to speak with several of the grandmothers a few days after the team arrived home. I saw Judy Safley, Kaylin Dowling’s grandmother at a local restaurant known as Mario’s Family Style Dinner. She was wearing a t-shirt with the names of the players on the back. As she came over to my table she had a big smile and proud as could be. She said what impressed her most about the whole experience was how well the girls played together as a team. When one player was down, or discouraged, the other players picked her up, encouraging her to “shake it off”. The girls didn’t play for personal gain, but for the “betterment” of the whole team. Later in the week, I saw Linda Hartsell, grandmother of Allison Ennis at the Cleveland Post Office. She also shared how excited everyone was and how proud. She even stopped a few friends coming out of the post office, saying, Have you heard?

Lucinda Wilhelm, the mother of Ellie Wilhelm, said life after the World Series has been surreal.  The outpouring of love and support the community at large has shown all of the girls has been overwhelming. People we don’t know approach us with congratulations.  Officials have thanked us for the manner in which we represented our hometown, our state, and our country.  Our community has made my daughter and all of the girls feel like hometown heroes.  As parents, we have admired their work ethic, display of sportsmanship and compassion on the field and off the field.  We have admired how humble they remained throughout the journey that began in June.  For others to be able to see this first hand and recognize it, is overwhelming, even indescribable. So, while it is great to be congratulated for a win, it is an even better feeling to be thanked for the way we act both off and on the field.

Dr. Steve Yang was happy to share recently some of his thoughts not only as a coach, but as a proud dad. His daughter, Ellen, was on the little league team. He said, Ellen is a 7th grader at Knox Middle School and during the welcome home parade, at least 15 Knox faculty were holding signs cheering for her along with every other player. It made me proud Ellen is a student at Knox Middle School. During the celebration at the park after the parade, multiple “young and future” softball players wanted pictures and autographs with the all-star players.

Only the beginning of accolades and recognition for the team, Dr. Yang and Ellen had a similar experience a few days later in the Verizon store. He said, “Every employee and almost every customer came up to us and congratulated us. My daughter said, “I don’t know any of these people.” I told her “it doesn’t matter, everyone knows you now!”

Members of the 2015 Little League World Series Team include Kaylin Dowling, Allison Ennis, Kary Hales, Caylie Keller, Caitlin Mann, Kali Morton, Taylor Sanborn, Megyn Spicer, Liza Simmerson, Jaden Vaughn, Taylor Walton, Ellie Wilhelm and Ellen Yang.  Coaches were Dr. Steve Yang, Rob Hales and Eric Dowling.

Congratulations, RoCo Little League Softball World Series Champions. You may be young, but you have the maturity and grace of young ladies much older. The wisdom and poise you exhibited both off and on the field was a joy to behold. The answers you gave when microphones and cameras were thrown in your face made everyone proud. It’s obvious you have wonderful parents, grandparents and coaches who understand what it takes to make well-rounded players into champions. Way to go, RoCo! Can’t wait until next year.

Do you have any stories or comments to share about this awesome team? Leave a comment below, message on Facebook or email dicysm@yahoo.com.











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Favorite #156: Love and Support

Coach McCullough doing what he loved, coaching football.

Coach McCullough doing what he loved, coaching football.

A Year Later

It’s been a year since my husband, Michael McCullough, the love of my life and my best friend passed away from a massive heart attack, leaving a big whole in my heart as well as the community. This year has seen highs and lows with lots of tears and laughter. My daughters, their husbands and my grandchildren play a large role in helping me to find the new normal.  Family time sharing a meal, or something as simple as watching my one-year-old granddaughter walking in boots for the first time bring joy and laughter.

In remembrance of Michael’s life, here is part of a blog I wrote last year that explains what he meant to his friends, family and community.

A lover of all things football, one of his favorite things to do was coach. A founding member of the Rowan County Youth Football League (YFL) in Salisbury, NC, Michael spent almost thirty years of his forty year career coaching boys and a few girls in that league, overseeing the West Rowan area in which we lived.

Although good enough to coach at the high school level, Michael saw the arena of the younger players as his calling, not only teaching young men about football, but also about life. His lessons instilled morals and values, encouraging hard work both off and on the field.

A “softie” at heart, he could be a disciplinarian when necessary, using the philosophy of tough love at home with our daughters growing up, as well as on the field with his players. If school work was incomplete, they often found themselves sitting out a game on a Saturday afternoon.

Pat Phifer, a past player who later coached with Michael summed up the sentiment best when he said,  The community has lost one of the most dedicated individuals that has ever spent time with our youth. Mike gave infinite amounts of his time to the kids and the game he loved. I was fortunate to help him coach a group of young men that later won three NC State Championships playing for West Rowan High School.

Mike always did things right like making sure everyone on his teams had good grades. He made that a priority. We as a community will surely miss him. He put his family first and for them there will always be a void. I hope and pray they can stand proud knowing their father and husband was such an asset to and caretaker of the kids’ lives he touched.

I have tears in my eyes while writing this and fond memories in my heart of a man for which I have so much respect. He gave his life tirelessly to help our youth when he had no children involved in the game. Mike rest in peace. Your family of hundreds of children and people you touched will miss you deeply.

A dedication ceremony will be held September 22, 2015 in honor of Coach McCullough at the West Rowan Sports Complex where he coached for so many years. The Kennedy-Hall American Legion Post 106 has made a plague in memory of him to be displayed on the concession stand. What a tremendous honor for a man who loved nothing more than to see young people reach their potential.

Our family extends the deepest thanks for all the cards, letters, love and support that has been shown to us this past year.

God bless,

Dicy McCullough

Daughters: Kristin Saine and Kelly Key





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Favorite #155: Kidney Donor: Mitch Garmer

Charlene and Mitch enjoying a moment together.

Charlene and Mitch enjoying a moment together.

An Answer to Prayer

Charlene Fero and Mitch Garmer crossed paths in the most unexpected way. After discovering that Charlene was in need of a kidney due to kidney disease, Mitch willingly gave her one of his this past July at Wake Forest Baptist Hospital in Winston-Salem, NC. Only 26 years-old, Mitch didn’t see it as anything extraordinary, he saw it as doing what he could to help. With so many people praying for Charlene, she believes Mitch was the answer to prayers in more ways than one.

Mitch lives near Charlene’s son, Keith Fero, in Lexington, NC. One day while driving by he noticed a sign on the side of Keith’s truck that said Charlene was in need of a kidney. Included in the info was a telephone number and blood type. Writing down the info, Mitch then called Charlene’s husband, Jim, requesting the necessary forms. Being the first to call, it’s amazing Mitch turned out to be a perfect match.

Mitch later remembered a co-worker at Food Lion Grocery Store on Faith Rd. in Salisbury who had the same last name as Charlene. Mitch was surprised to learn Brandon was Charlene’s grandson. One day when Jim and Charlene were out riding around, Jim asked Charlene if she’d like to meet Mitch. She said she would. Stopping by the Food Lion Grocery Store, they discovered Brandon’s car in the parking lot and knew he was working that day. Brandon introduced Mitch to Charlene.

Charlene said, “Immediately I felt a strong bond with Mitch. We talked for a while and then he said not to worry because everything was going to be just fine. This young man was put in my life not just for a kidney, but to fill a void I’ve had for a long time.  He’s been a blessing not only to me, but to Jim and Keith as well. Now he’s a big part of our family.”

Surgery was performed at the Baptist Hospital July 21, 2015.  “The doctors and nurses were amazed we were already friends,” Charlene said,  “because generally the donor and recipient have never met. I’m glad we did because we found strength through each other. It’s usually harder on the donor and that was true this time. Mitch experienced quite a lot of pain, but, he was a trooper. He came to see me after my surgery to make sure I was okay and to tell me he loved me.  I don’t think we’ve missed a day speaking since then. It just seems natural. Mitch is a very motivated, strong-will young man. When he puts his mind to do something, he’s going to do it and I’m glad he did.”All of Charlene’s friends and family are glad, too.

Members at Franklin Baptist Church in Salisbury were surprised to see Charlene and Mitch at church only a few weeks after the surgery. When the announcement was made they were in the congregation, everyone stood up and clapped. Humbled by this new-found attention, Mitch said, “Anyone would have done the same thing.” Giving God the glory for all he has done, Charlene and Mitch want to thank everyone for their love, support and prayers. Both Charlene and Mitch are doing great.

Do you know someone who made a sacrifice to help others?  Leave a comment, message on Facebook, or email dicysm@yahoo.com






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Favorite #154: Emerald Isle

Playing on the beach at Emerald Isle.

Playing on the beach at Emerald Isle.

Vacation Memories

There’s nothing like a family vacation for making memories. I experienced that recently with my two daughters and their families on the Crystal Coast of NC at Emerald Isle. Although I’ve lived in North Carolina all my life, I had never been to Emerald Isle before last week. With crystal clear water and clean beaches, it’s absolutely beautiful.

Earlier this year, my oldest daughter, Kristin, her husband, Brian and their two sons, Carson and Garrett made plans to stay at the Holiday Trav-L-Park in Emerald Isle. Not much of a camper, but wanting to vacation with them, I began looking for a place to stay nearby, discovering the condos at Queens Court. My youngest daughter, Kelly, her husband, Ben and my granddaughter, Clara made plans to stay there, too. After arriving, we couldn’t have asked for anything more. Loving the view of the ocean from our third-floor condo, we spent hours on the balcony. At the end of the week when time to go home, we didn’t want to leave.

Life at Emerald Isle seems a little slower than some beaches which is a perfect fit for a family vacation. Walking on the beach, digging in the sand or finding sea shells are popular activities. Watching my grandkids dig holes in the sand and other times ride a wave with the help of their dad held just the right amount of excitement for me.

The perfect ending to one of our last nights on the island was a stop at Yeti Ice and Grill near the Bogue Inlet Fishing Pier. Known for having great hamburgers and hot dogs, Yeti’s also has a variety of flavors of shaved ice. I choose the snow cream and liked it so much I went back the next day for another cup.  Yeti’s is a short walk from the pier, so after our purchase the first night, we took a stroll in the moonlight passing excited fishermen pulling in their catch. One fisherman caught a huge crab that made everyone laugh. As if to escape the line once pulled in, the crab began walking the wooden plank. Everyone said it was the largest crab they had seen. My grandkids were fascinated.

If you’ve never been to Emerald Isle, make plans to go. Fishing, kayaking, boating, swimming, hiking, golf, shopping, good food, it’s all there. While there’s lots of theories as to how Emerald Isle got its name, such as hidden treasures yet to be found, most believe the name came from the beautiful green color of the water seen in the photo above. Taken at dusk, my three grandchildren aren’t aware of the changing colors, they’re just having fun. Whatever the “real” reason for its name, there’s no doubt Emerald Isle is a true treasure waiting for you to discover.

What is your favorite vacation “spot” and why? Leave a comment below, message on Facebook or email dicysm@yahoo.com








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Favorite #153: Woodleaf Tomato Festival

A day of fun and dancing at the Woodleaf Tomato Festival.

A day of fun and dancing at the Woodleaf Tomato Festival.

A Day of Community Fun

Woodleaf is a rural community nestled between Salisbury, Statesville and Mocksville, NC. Best known for homegrown tomatoes, names like Wetmore, Myers, Fleming and Correll come to mind when area farmers are mentioned. Born out of a desire to bring the community together as well as raise money for different charities and church projects, the Woodleaf Tomato Festival has become an annual event.

In its ninth year, the festival is held the third Saturday of August at Unity Presbyterian Church on Woodleaf-Barber Road. A community reunion of sorts, people often come from far away just to attend the festival. Stephen and Shannon Swicegood live in Virginia, but knowing relatives would be at the festival, planned a trip to surprise them.  Instead, it was Stephen and Shannon who were surprised not only by the size of the event, but how much there was to do, especially for children.

Debbie Fleming, one of the volunteers, said she heard positive comments throughout the day from people saying how much fun they were having. One of the favorite activities seemed to be the live music. Names such as the Back Creek Boys, Matthew Weaver and Lutheridge Cloggers were some of the performers.

I especially enjoyed watching my grandchildren, ages four, two and one having fun at the festival. A highlight for them was grabbing candy thrown during the early morning parade. I got tickled at my oldest grandson, Carson. When he couldn’t hold any more candy in his hands, he took off his cap, hiding his stash in the bottom.

The kids later danced with the Lady Tomatoes, seen in the photo above, to songs such as the Chicken Dance. If they didn’t know the moves, nobody cared, it was all about the fun. Debbie said the Lady Tomatoes not only dress up for the Woodleaf Festival, but also other events such as the Faith Fourth of July, representing their community as Ambassadors of goodwill, spreading joy and laughter wherever they go.

If you’ve never been to the Woodleaf Tomato Festival, make plans to go next year. There’s definitely something for everyone from the youngest to the oldest. Crafters, yard sale items, music, secret bids, hayrides, hamburgers, hot dogs, cakes, you name it, it’s all there. With money going to local charities and church projects, there’s no better way to spend a Saturday in mid-August than at the Tomato Festival. Besides, you’ll see folks you haven’t seen in years. You can even order a tomato sandwich with mayo, if you like. Mark your calendars now.

Does your community sponsor an event each year? I’d love to hear about it, so leave a comment below, message on Facebook or email dicysm@yahoo.com.





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Favorite #152: Bicycling Dirt Divas

Some of the enjoying a day on the trail.

A few of the divas taking a break on the trail. Charlotte is second from the left in red. Vickie is on the left beside Charlotte.

Positive Energy on the Trail

Charlotte Huntington and I became friends fourteen years ago when our daughters were in the same class at West Rowan Middle School. Over the years we’ve shared many special memories ranging from beach trips to birthday parties. Although we’ve had fun together, there are some interests and likes we don’t share. One of those is mountain biking.

Charlotte’s love for mountain biking happened quite by accident after hearing about the U.S. National Whitewater Center in Charlotte, NC, on the radio station, 107.9, The Link. Learning the center offers a diverse choice of activities including white water rafting, kayaking, and mountain biking, Charlotte ordered tickets to go.

Although Charlotte invited me, I couldn’t go with her, so another friend, Vickie Burnoski, went along. Once arriving at the center, they discovered their only choice for the day was kayaking or mountain biking.

Since Vickie had participated in the sport of mountain biking before, Vickie encouraged Charlotte to try. Thinking it couldn’t be that hard, Charlotte agreed. Looking back, Charlotte laughs. She said, It didn’t take long for me to realize mountain biking can be quite a challenge, even when only little hills.

While the course wasn’t as easy as she thought it would be, from that one experience Charlotte fell in love with the sport. One week later, on July 4th, Charlotte’s son, David, surprised his mom with her very own mountain bike. Both Charlotte’s husband, Kurt and Vickie’s husband, Danny, didn’t think the enthusiasm would last, but they were wrong. Determined to ride, Charlotte and Vickie joined a group of ladies who enjoy mountain biking known as the Dirt Divas.

Based in Charlotte, NC, the Dirt Divas frequently ride trails in several states, including North Carolina and Virginia. The President of the organization, Patty Smith, started this club so ladies could participate and encourage each other in a sport they love. Part of their mission statement is to provide opportunities for women mountain bikers of all ages and ability levels. With fun and fitness in mind Dirt Diva rides encourage a safe and supportive environment for women who ride the trails.

Now, six years later, both Charlotte and Vickie are still riding and have only positive things to say about the club. Vickie said, To have found this group of ladies has been such a blessing. They’ve taught me so much and not just about riding, but about friendship. It makes me feel like a kid again.

Charlotte said, One of the reasons I like to ride is because of the energetic, positive people I’ve met, including four of my best friends. Sometimes when you’re 40-60 years old, people look at you and think you can’t do anything. This group proves them wrong. I love it.

To learn more about this organization, their mission statement, club activities or how to join, check out their website here.

Do you enjoy the sport of mountain biking? What experiences have you had and what trails do you like the most? Leave a comment below, message on Facebook or email dicysm@yahoo.com.










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Favorite #151: Franklin Baptist Church Youth Group

Franklin Baptist Youth enjoying a group picture at camp.

Franklin Baptist Church youth group and leaders enjoying a moment at camp.

A Time of Spiritual Growth

During the six years I’ve been the pianist at Franklin Baptist Church in Salisbury, NC, I’ve watched the youth group grow and develop into teens ready to share their love of God with others.

Last month they shared their love of God  through a Fourth of July play. Set during the 50’s in a school room anywhere USA, the youth shared historic examples of how America was founded on Christian principles. Giving up free time to practice, they also provided their own costumes and props. The girls especially loved wearing poodle skirts they borrowed from the Meroney Theater in Salisbury.

The congregation loved the efforts the youth made to demonstrate love of God and patriotism for our country. One veteran stood up afterwards and said, It’s refreshing to see young people show respect for our country. I want to say thank-you.

The next morning, this same group hopped on a van for a trip to Gatlinburg, Tenn. and a week long Bible study. The leaders of the group, Lee and Cindy Dupre along with Gene and Michelle Hatfield volunteer time each week to work with the teens.

Cindy said the most important reason for the retreat was to spend time in the Bible, allowing the teens to grow in wisdom. Each year Lee is the one responsible for planning the Bible study. This year he chose Proverbs. Every day the youth read four chapters with discussions afterward.

Although the most important aspect of the retreat is to help the youth grow in their Christian faith, there’s no doubt, fun is important, too. Cindy said it’s through fellowship and fun that relationships are built. Some of the activities enjoyed by all were Dollywood, Splash Country and picnic at the Chimneys in the Mountains.

To show how much they learned, when the youth returned from their week-long retreat, they asked if they could share. Pastor Joe agreed. Everyone was amazed at the wisdom and maturity these young people exhibited as they spoke during the Sunday morning service about what they had learned and experienced. One said Proverbs is her favorite book in the Bible now because of the wisdom and knowledge that can be gained from reading it.  Maybe we all should spend a little time in Proverbs. After all, Solomon, the writer of that book said, The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.

When asked what they liked best about the retreat, several were quick to respond.

Ethan Aguilera: What I liked best about the retreat was learning about wisdom and how it applies in our everyday life by differentiating between right and wrong. The way we learn is by reading our Bible.

Jordan Plummer: Our youth retreats are always filled with fun, fellowship, laughter and most of all, God. There is never a dull moment. I’m blessed to have the youth group I do.

Garrett Beck: Our youth retreat this year was a blast and a blessing. Having quiet time both in the morning and the evening creates an atmosphere of God’s word. This year’s retreat was filled with God’s word, friends and fun.

Cindy said, This is a great group of young people, giving and accepting of each other.

From their testimony and witness, Cindy, I’d have to agree, but then again, they have awesome leaders. Do you have a youth group at your church?  What activities are they involved in to build relationships and spiritual growth? Leave a comment below, message on Facebook or email dicysm@yahoo.com.







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Favorite #150: Barn Quilts

Sharing a bit of history through quilts and barn quilts.

Maurice and Mary Lee sharing a bit of history through quilts and barn quilts.

Love and Beauty on a Barn

I’ve known Adele Goodman for a number of years, having met her through the Mt Ulla Historic Preservation Society (MUHPS). During the years that MUHPS has been in existence projects like the promotion of the North Carolina Scenic Highway have been undertaken to increase and preserve the beauty of the land in Rowan County. One of the more recent projects has been encouraging local farmers to make their barns a focal point of the landscape by adding a barn quilt.

A barn quilt is a quilt square pattern painted on weatherized material large enough to be seen from a distance. The idea of barn quilts originated with Donna Sue Groves in Adams County, Ohio in 2001 as a way to preserve quilt patterns for future generations. Once people saw her barn quilt, the tradition began to catch on locally, eventually spreading to other states and across the country. One reason someone might want a barn quilt is to bring business into an area that might not otherwise have much traffic. Although people often travel to see the quilt and then stop to shop at local stores, visitors mostly enjoy the sheer beauty and nostalgia that barn quilts have to offer.

After learning about barn quilts Adele immediately wanted one. Not knowing who to contact to paint hers, she asked around at church and in the community. It took several connections until she discovered the perfect painters, Pam Bostian and her cousin-in-law, Susan Bostian.

These two ladies are meticulous in their painting technique, making sure to get all the details just right, using a professional grade sign board called MDO that will stand the test of time. After priming several coats, they tape off the design, painting one color at a time to get rich deep colors. The final step in the process includes several coats of a weather resistant poly to seal and protect the paint.

During a recent visit to the Mary L. Farm in Mt Ulla, NC,  it was hard to believe the intricate details Pam and Susan had copied onto a newly painted barn quilt from a handmade quilt stitched long ago, but there it was right before our eyes. Maurice and Mary Lee Parker, seen in the photo above, were delighted with the outcome and can’t wait to proudly display it on their barn for generations to come. Mary Lee said, “People don’t quilt like they did years ago, so unless we save that history somehow, children and grandchildren won’t understand.” She added, “What better way to preserve that history than a barn quilt?”

You’re exactly right, Mary Lee. A barn quilt is a great way to incorporate the history of quilts, showcasing their unique patterns in a way everyone can enjoy.

To learn more about barn quilts, be sure to check out the Salisbury Post link here. A listing of farms in the West Rowan area that have barn quilts are included in a column in the Sunday edition of that newspaper.

If you would like to order a barn quilt, have an existing barn quilt hanging in Rowan County or want to learn how to paint your own, please contact pambostian@gmail.com 704-664-4562.

Are barn quilts showing up in your town or community? If so, are they on an established trail? Leave a comment below, message on Facebook or email dicysm@yahoo.com







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Favorite #149: Lessons Learned from Children

Children know how to enjoy life.

Children know how to enjoy life and have fun no matter where they are.

Enjoying Life as It Comes

Most everyone looks forward to the lazy-hazy days of summer. Visions of picnics, strolls in the park, swimming parties and vacations all seem to be forefront on our minds. As you can see in the photo, my grandsons love playing in the pool on a hot summer day. Sometimes something as simple as pouring water from a bucket or pouring water on each other’s head produce the greatest peals of laughter.

As adults we can learn life lessons from watching children interact with each other. They don’t worry about money, politics or the state of affairs of the country. Living in the moment, they’re only concerned about playtime, their next snack and taking a nap.

This past week I spent the day with my three grandchildren ages, 4, 2 and 1. On occasion there was a spat or two, but once reminded to share and take turns, after a few hugs and saying, “sorry,” life went on and all was forgotten.

If adults could learn to live in the moment, giving a few hugs and saying, “I’m sorry,” instead of holding on to a grudge forever, what a better place this would be. A nap each day wouldn’t hurt either. Have you ever watched a child after nap time? Usually they wake up with a smile, happy to see those around them. Since most adults are sleep deprived, think how much more productive the work place would be if everyone took naps in the middle of the day. Of course, a cookie would be nice, too.

The next time you’re having a bad day, spend time with your children. They totally will change your perspective. If you’re lucky enough to have a pool, jump in. You don’t even have to change clothes. Kids don’t care. They think it’s the greatest thing to get you totally wet. And that’s the way it should be.

What life lessons have you learned from children? Leave a comment below, message on Facebook or email dicysm@yahoo.com.

If you’re looking for something to do this week,  Stratford Road Shopping Mall in Winston-Salem is having a day of fun activities for both young and old, Thursday, July 23. As a customer of PostNet-Winston-Salem, I’ll be there.

Saturday, July 25th the Mooresville Public Library is hosting author day from 10:00 to 1:00. They’re inviting everyone to come out and support local authors. Books will be available. Hope to see you at the Mooresville Public Library.






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Favorite #148: Dogs and Good Books

Kaner and Rocko know a good book when they see one.

Kaner and Rocko know a good book when they see one.

Dogs Like Good Books, Too.

In my search for a favorite person, place or thing each week, I never know where that search will take me. Sometimes it’s to a beautiful place on the way to somewhere else and sometimes it’s as close as my computer screen, like this week when I found the photo to the right.

Many of you probably know by now that my latest book, Tired of Being Obedient, made the top 100 list for children’s books on Amazon a few weeks ago. Special thanks to dog trainer and the main character in the story, Glenn Sherrill, for his help in getting the word out. Wanting the book to be a success, he even made a video for his Facebook page asking people to buy.

One of those people who bought was Dr. Jennifer Statis. After receiving her copy of Tired of Being Obedient, she posted a photo of her dogs, Kaner and Rocko, with the book in-between them. The caption over the photo read, Mom said this will be our favorite bedtime story all summer.

After seeing the photo and thinking it was cute,  I asked Jennifer if I could write about her dogs. Honored, she explained that Kaner is a boxer-bulldog mix found through a boxer rescue, while Rocko, seen on the Cabarrus County Humane Society website at six-months-old, stole her family’s heart away. Jennifer said,  Roko is a bit of everything: German shepherd, Labrador retriever, Rottweiler, and maybe Collie.

After meeting and evaluating Kaner and Rocko, Glenn thought it best to train them together because during the time Kaner began having issues, refusing to leave the safety of his driveway, Rocko also began having issues. Rocko’s issue was showing aggression towards anyone approaching on walks, the front door, etc.

Happy with the results of the training, Jen said, Glenn worked wonders with my boys, making our relationship more enjoyable and less stressful. He worked with us using this ingenious collar, the No Pull No Pain Collar he developed. I was able not only to get Kaner through his zone of terror (driveway) but could actually enjoy taking both dogs on a walk through public parks without having an arm pulled off: they were calm and happy. It was a whole new relationship. What a gift Glenn has. When we get our next fur-baby the first thing I’ll do is sign up for Train Play Live classes so we can start off the right way.

I agree with Jen that Glenn has a gift for training dogs because I’ve seen firsthand not only the results he’s had from training other dogs, but also the results from training my husband’s boxer, Bo. Although Bo has always been a sweet dog and wouldn’t hurt a fly, before Glenn worked with him, he had the bad habit of jumping. After Glenn’s training, Bo became a “gentle giant,” understanding what it means to be calm and submissive.

Jen, thanks for sharing your photo and story about Kraner and Rocko. I’m glad thy liked the book and I know Glenn will be, too. If you’d like to learn more about Glenn Sherrill, click here.

If you haven’t purchased your copy of Tired of Being Obedient on Amazon, it’s never too late. Who knows? Maybe it will become your dog’s favorite book, too.

Do you have a story to share about your dog(s)? If so leave a comment below, message on Facebook or email dicysm@yahoo.com






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